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Speaking out against the sexual abuse of women and children

Because silence only serves to perpetuate the cycle of abuse, Deborah is determined to speak her truth to help break down the barriers of denial, shame and silence that surrounds child sexual abuse.

Deborah presents "Beyond the Silence" as a workshop or a talk in which she candidly speaks about her childhood abuse while highlighting the warning signs to help us all prevent the sexual abuse of our children before there is a victim to heal or an offender to punish.

By attending the workshop or talk you will get to:
  • Know the facts about abuse
  • Learn about the warning signs
  • Learn about age-appropriate sexual behaviour
  • Recognise concerning behaviours
  • Learn how to talk to your children about boundaries
  • Learn about the grooming process
  • Learn how to develop a family "safety plan"
We can all make a difference and help keep a child safe:
  • Trust your gut feelings
  • Care enough to reach out
  • Listen to the stories of survivors
  • Break the silence about your own abuse—Silence only serves toperpetuate the cycle of abuse
  • Speak openly about abuse to your family and your community
  • Make the prevention of sexual abuse your responsibility
For more info on workshops or talks please contact us at info@deborah.co.za


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